B u i l d i n g   C o m m u n i t y

T h r o u g h   t h e   A r t   o f   P l a c e

Center City Way

Schenectady, New York


The pedestrain walk adjacent to the Franklin-Liberty municipal parking lot in downtown Schenectady is designed to create a dynamic new wayfinding experience that safely welcomes visitors into the downtown while also linking to various cultural nodes and three of the largest downtown parking areas. Wayfinding signage, multiple scales of lighting, thoughtful scoring patterns, plantings, and decorative fencing help define the corridor and connect several commercial hubs within the downtown area. The combination of street lights, pedestrian lights, and planting uplights creates a highly visable, safe environment, promoting activity and vibrant street life around the clock.

Work done by Mary Moore Wallinger while working as an Independent Contractor for PLACE Alliance. © PLACE Alliance.