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Central Park Rose Garden

Schenectady, New York


The Schenectady Central Park Rose Garden was originally designed by Charles D. Brown, a Schenectady Rose Society member, and constructed in late 1959. It has since become a popular destination for city residents and visitors alike and is considered a regional attraction. In 2010, the Central Park Rose Garden placed third in the All American Rose Selections’ America’s Best Rose Gardens competition.  LAndArt Studio Principal Mary Moore Wallinger has served as the primary designer for the Central Park Rose Garden since 2005. She designed and managed the 2006 Master Plan and has since continued in her role as Landscape Architect for the Garden. Recent projects include the construction of a gatehouse, a main stair with a fountain, a new design for the spring fountain, and a central fountain. As a result of these projects, the garden continues to grow in fame and both public and private donations continue to be made toward implementation of the Master Plan.

Work contributed to by Mary Moore Wallinger while employed by CLA Site and later Synthesis Architects, LLP. © CLA Site and Synthesis Architects.