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T h r o u g h   t h e   A r t   o f   P l a c e

Gateway Plaza

Schenectady, New York


LAndArt Studio designed and prepared construction documents for Gateway Plaza, Downtown Schenectady’s new $1.7M park.

The new downtown park acts as a gateway to downtown Schenectady and is organized around two strong cross-axes that connect at the location of three new corTen steel sculptural pillars with color-changing LED lighting. The careful application of materials, including historic granite pavers recovered on site, corTen steel site sculptures, stainless steel bike racks and galvanized steel in other places, complimented by richly textured plants, is intended to celebrate Schenectady’s past, present and future innovation. The axes also establish within the park a series of rooms that cater to a diversity of uses. Key elements in the park include a detailed pedestrian axis that encompasses a series of rain gardens, a vehicular view corridor, a traditional urban plaza, a great lawn that can also serve as an amphitheater, and a more contemporary seating area near the new student housing. The park is designed as a catalyst for the activation and development of this area of the downtown.