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Peekskill Southern Waterfront Master Plan

Schenectady, New York


The Peekskill Southern Waterfront improvements are designed to provide an unbroken link between five segments extending from the Riverfront Green Park on the north end to Lent’s Cove on the south. The linkages take the form of multi-use paths and boardwalks, intermingled with a range of enhancements, including picnic and gathering areas, benches, trail connections and focal points. Features of the new waterfront are intended to draw visitors from both land and water, increasing the awareness and appreciation of cultural, historical and natural features of the local landscape. The Peekskill Southern Waterfront trails project is intended to become an integral component of the Hudson River Valley Greenway Watertrail system. Bio-engineered slope stabilization measures will protect the riverbank and provide natural food and cover for upland and riparian wildlife species while enhancing the aesthetic character of the waterfront.

Work contributed to by Mary Moore Wallinger while employed by Synthesis Architects, LLP. © Synthesis Architects.