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Powers Park Rehabilitation

Troy, New York


Powers Park was designed in 1876 by Jacob Wiedenmann, a notable landscape architect who frequently worked with Frederick Law Olmsted. Powers Park is one the few projects that was completed under his own name and parts of the park remain in tact today. For this restoration project, LAndArt Studio served as the lead designer, working with the City of Troy in the preparation of a Rehabilitation Master Plan and construction documents for implementation of the first phase. Utilizing the original plan, aerial photography and site reconnaissance, LAndArt Studio verified that the park was initially installed almost exactly as per the original plan. As part of the master plan, minor changes were made to the layout so as to allow for some additional screening at one end of the park that would better reflect the overall intent of the original design. Working with LTRW Architects as the historic architecture subconsultant, LAndArt Studio also assisted in the conceptual design of a new pergola that would accommodate current uses of the park while working within the framework of the original plan and drawing inspiration from other projects by Jacob Weidenmann.