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Rotary Park

Amsterdam, New York


Rotary Park was designed to provide the members of the Hispanic community, young and old, with a place to come together and celebrate their culture. Commissioned by Centro Civico of Amsterdam, NY (a community-based Not-for-Profit), work on the park master plan included schematic design, construction estimates, and full construction documents.  Focusing on the mission and philosophy of Centro Civico, inspiration was drawn from the importance and symbolism of the circle within their organization. “The circle of power,” a Native American concept that represents strength through equality, is a symbol that captures many of the founding principles of the organization. Park features include a main entry plaza, a formal green with a performance platform, a playground, and a picnic pavilion with an area for permanent domino tables. Colors and textures of construction materials throughout the park design also celebrate the Hispanic culture.

Work done by Mary Moore Wallinger while employed by Synthesis Architects, LLP. © Synthesis Architects.