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Susquehanna Street Park Master Plan

Binghamton, New York


The Susquehanna Street Redevelopment Plan was completed as part of the Broome County New York Rising Community Reconstruction Program (NYRCR). The project  relocates vulnerable populations to safer, lower risk areas; utilizes green infrastructure and provides for additional stormwater management and flood storage; demonstrates flood resilient design; and generates quality of life and economic benefits for the community. In both 2006 and 2011, the Susquehanna Street area was flooded, putting a whole neighborhood of vulnerable populations at significant risk. This plan creatively transforms the area to better protect neighborhood residents while adding a gateway park that would improve quality of life and promote economic development while functioning as a first line of defense for the downtown and surrounding neighborhoods by providing additional flood storage. The plan also proposes changing roads to create a parkway that directly connects to the downtown.

Work contributed to by Mary Moore Wallinger while working as an Independent Contractor for PLACE Alliance. © PLACE Alliance.